Let's meet

Tzufit, what do you do?

Nice to meet you, I’m Tzufit Herling, creator of Connecteur.
I constantly hear this question, and it took a lot of time to formulate a reply that answers it.

First, what is a Connecteur?
Con-nec-teur (noun): A person who connects people, companies, ideas, and innovations to each other, in an entrepreneurial way.

Tzufit Herling

Connecteur is the description that links all the values and the professional expertise I have collected throughout the years and in various fields. I leverage all this knowledge for the benefit of my customers to integrate business and impact.

I got to this point in my career through experience in the worlds of music, humanities, journalism, and working with entrepreneurs. From each of them I have gained invaluable experience:

The music world taught me to creatively improvise and to acknowledge that the sky’s the limit, and to always search for that missing ingredient, the subtle “X-factor” that makes things perfect.

Humanities, sociology, and anthropology provided me with tools to understand people better. As we all know, businesses and startups are, at the end of the day, all about people.

Working with entrepreneurs around the world exposes me to different cultures and diverse work habits, where various communication techniques are required to best cooperate with one another.

Between Business and Impact

Believe it or not, my journey in working with customers began at the early age of 14, when I worked in the family business. Since this age, I’ve been experimenting with creating a positive impact through activism. Today I hold a B.A degree, a journalism diploma and other professional credentials, but I’ve learned the most important skills, from ongoing experience, work, and activity.

Along my journey in integrating business and creating value, I’ve managed projects in Forbes Israel magazine and contributed to Forbes Japan. I took part in producing the first hackathon for community managers in Israel, which took place in Tel Aviv and was broadcasted globally. I co-founded WayCup — a social-environmental initiative for raising the awareness of using non-disposal products. I’ve worked with varied communities, such as Entrepreneurs’ Organization and She Codes. I’ve learned various methods to connect between people, navigate smoothly through the online and offline worlds, and understand that there is nothing better than a diverse and engaged group to inspire, brainstorm, and solve challenges by joining forces.

In each moment of our awareness, there’s always something we can learn

This is just a fraction of my long path, but each part has contributed a specific aspect to my abilities and professional skills that ultimately bring together businesses from any field to acquire their dream goal.

If you read this far and feel this explanation hit the spot, contact me! Together, we can achieve your goals, and explore future accomplishments you haven’t even thought of yet.