Lectures and Workshops

Connecteur highlights

The unique power of community

An inspirational lecture that will take you on a journey around the world about communities and their power to create change.

Introduction to communities

In this lecture, we will understand what a community is, what are the different community types, and how to build one, with examples and case studies.

Community strategy fundamentals

A workshop where we will learn about the important ingredients in building a community, and walk over step-by-step so you will leave with an initial community canvas for creating your community, and the strategic process that will serve you as a compass during the creation.

Community content

During this workshop, we will examine how to design the content that is offered in the community and how to enrich and adjust it to the different communication channels and the target audiences. You will leave with a content strategy’s template.

Organizing online events

Through this workshop, you will get familiar with tools and platforms that will help you turn virtual events into more interesting ones, and ways to engage your participants.

All lectures are tailored for your specific needs, and are suitable for teams, company events, meetups, conferences, and more.