Connecteur featured lectures

Creating Positive impact

How to create an economic as well as social impact; innovative technologies as a solution for social challenges and inspiring business models.

The power of COMMUNITy

The importance of communities in our lives, what makes communities special, and how to build a community, based on top examples from my experience.

Activity in the online world

Creating opportunities for businesses and communities through the online world, using practical digital tools, and organizing various web events - to get the best results.

A glance into women entrepreneurship

What can enhance professional women, what do women need to move forward, and what I learned from working with women around the world.

As a seasoned autodidact and self-confessed learning addict, I present all my lectures in a clear, concise, and informative manner. My knowledge comes from a continual consumption of information and exchanges with top industry professionals and business leaders.

All lectures are tailored for your specific needs and are suitable for conferences, meetups, company events, and more.