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Connecteur’s consulting springs from a unique point of view. Connecteur understands the needs of the entrepreneur, a world of move-to-action. As the founder of Connecteur, I have managed various projects, while working with entrepreneurs from across the world making all the possible mistakes along the way, and overcoming many challenges. Through hard work and sweat, I have adapted a triangular perspective: consultant, entrepreneur, and customer.

Consulting for companies and organizations

Get to know the tool that will help you focus on processes in your company

The customer journey includes all the interaction points where your potential or existing customers meet your business.
If we know how to identify those points, we can learn more about your customer and their interest in your business.

We focus the processes in your business for your benefit so you can

Target potential customers

Encourage purchasing your products or services

Improve the customer experience for existing customers

Help each of the business factors acknowledge what they need to do in each step, making your resources more efficient

These interaction points differ from business to business, and therefore the customer journey will be different for each field and type of business.

Examples for such interaction points are customer service, Facebook posts, a sign in a store, website registration process, landing page, feedback survey, and more.

this is intended for Companies, Organizations, And Businesses Who

Want to maximize their marketing potential

Are interested in optimizing the purchase process of their products and services

Implement up-scaling and extending processes

Strive to improve the processes related to existing customers

Combine offline and online interactions

What will you get from this consulting?

Down to business solutions!

⇒ Ideas, tasks, steps, and KPIs for executing your goals
⇒ Detailed action plans that can be used in the future, across other processes in your business.

Together, we will go through a process where we’ll define the company’s products and customers, build customer profiles accordingly, and consider all possible scenarios for the journey each customer goes through.

Following that, we will build a detailed work plan ready for implementation, so each factor in the company or the organization will know how to proceed and maximize the value of their process responsibilities.

Consulting for entrepreneurs

1:1 consulting for early-stage entrepreneurs

Receive tools and directions for developing your initiative or project, from idea to execution, in one-on-one meetings.
The tools are adjusted to your background and experience, and to your specific initiative. They are attached with practical examples and tips, so you can go straight from the meeting to begin your work.

Among the tools:

Idea development

Business models

Strategic planning

Effective marketing messages

Time management

Working with partners and collaborations

Recruiting customers

Who is this consulting intended for?

  • Entrepreneurs at the beginning of their journey.
  • Employees who are working on their side project.
  • And all those who want to receive tools and directions for working on initiatives. 

During the years, I’ve collected tools and methods that will help you to advance your initiatives and products. We’ll adapt these insights, and implement them to your initiative so you can get results.

Consulting for small businesses

Improve the processes in your business

The consulting meetings are meant to:

Maximize your marketing potential

Improve processes that engage existing customers

Lead to purchasing your products or services

Optimally combine offline and online interfaces

I exclusively tailor a process scenario adjusted for small businesses, throughout which we can identify your business challenges. We will work and design tasks and steps that can be implemented immediately upon its completion, as well as ideas that you could stow away and adapt as your business grows.

Consulting for communities

Early-stage communities

Whether you would like to build a community for leveraging your business, as a hobby, or as a calling, each community has its own recipe for becoming prosperous.

Together, we will use successful, proven methods to build your work plan for developing the community. We will define your mission and goals, characterize your target audience, decide where the community operates, and more. We will build, step-by-step, the ingredients that will keep your community members active. And of course, we will identify effective tools so you could manage it in the most effective way.

Active communities

What is the journey that your community members take, from the day they show interest in your community until being active members?
Who are the contacts within your communities? How do they connect with your community members and at what frequency?
Is there a dissonance between what your community members are expecting and what you expect from them?
Are you interested in expanding the community activity, but find the methods you’ve so far employed to be less than satisfactory?

If you are not sure how to answer these questions, I will build a personalized plan to help you focus your efforts.

Together, we will outline the journey of your community members, from the very beginning to your desired point. We will map all the stops to pass along the way, define goals, and create metrics to make them happen.