Building transformative experiences through training and programs

I am passionate about driving organizational and individual transformation, and that is the essence of Connecteur. With more than a decade of experience in the content field, I have successfully collaborated with organizations, entrepreneurs, and businesses globally, both online and offline. My commitment to excellence is embedded in my unique approach that combines creativity, a logical program structure with clear outcomes, continuous measurement and improvement, flexibility to changes, and a sincere acceptance of feedback.

I would be delighted to craft a custom-made solution to suit your requirements: developing and facilitating your next training or program, or establishing a dedicated ambassador community, whether it’s for your employees, managers, alumni, or any other target audience.

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Connecteur’s unique approach to designing training and programs


Creative and flexible design:

I believe in infusing creativity into every aspect of the programs, making the learning experience engaging and memorable. Moreover, I recognize the significance of planning in an ever-evolving environment and pride myself on my flexibility and adaptability. I seamlessly integrate my professional experience, coupled with innovative work methods, to provide an unparalleled added-value. All sessions are tailored to cater to the unique requirements of the target audience, guaranteeing the maximum impact of the program.

Creating a learning process and fostering meaningful connections:

Learning is a journey, and I facilitate a process that encourages curiosity, exploration, and application of knowledge. An integral component of my training programs is nurturing a collaborative group dynamic that fosters a sense of community. The outcome is a safe and supportive environment, whether virtual or in-person, where participants feel empowered to ask questions, engage in open discussions, and embark on their personal development journey.

Defining clear outcomes and measurement:

Programs are meticulously designed with clearly defined outcomes for developing and training your employees, or raising your customer retention rates, ensuring that participants gain tangible and applicable skills. I am dedicated to evaluating the program’s effectiveness, gathering feedback, and making continuous improvements for an optimal learning experience.

Utilizing various methodologies and digital tools:

Leveraging a variety of methodologies and digital tools to enhance the overall learning experience, making it dynamic and comprehensive.

Continuous learning:

I am committed to staying at the forefront of program design and facilitation trends. In 2023, I completed an advanced program for international facilitators by the International Academy for Leadership (IAF), further enhancing my skills and knowledge.

Examples from my portfolio


Innovation’s Communities Leaders Program, ASPER-HUJI Innovate

Photos: Yonathan Boger, Ricky Rachman

Designed by ASPER-HUJI Innovate and myself, the Innovation’s Communities Leaders Program supports participants in establishing innovation and entrepreneurial communities for students at the Hebrew University, while developing the chosen students’ leadership and entrepreneurial skills. The program includes training and support in designing, and establishing the communities, as well as financial support to run different events and projects.
Under my ongoing management of the program’s three cohorts (2020-2023), students have successfully developed communities, organized events and activities, and forged their paths as leaders. Key sessions encompass community building fundamentals, mapping community needs, teamwork, storytelling, and ideation.

EcoPeace Community Leadership Track

Together with the EcoPeace Middle East team, I designed and delivered a new curriculum for the Community Leadership track as part of the Advanced Climate Diplomacy Training for Young Professionals. The program brings together professionals from Palestine, Jordan, and Israel to become agents of change and develop projects that match their interests.
Key sessions covered community building fundamentals, engaging community members, and defining resources and partnerships.

Building a Mentoring Program, MENAco

As the co-founder of MENAco, I co-created an online mentoring program for early-stage MENA women entrepreneurs, completing its second cohort in 2023. Throughout the program, mentors and mentees met monthly for 1:1 meetings over four months. Additionally, each month, mentors and mentees gathered to network and receive general tools and knowledge to advance their entrepreneurial skills.
Key sessions included the SMART model, problem-solving process, business model canvas, and imposter syndrome.

At Connecteur, I take pride in transforming organizational development goals into meaningful and impactful experiences. Contact me for facilitation, instructional design, and community building projects, whether conducted remotely, in-person, or in a hybrid setting. Let’s embark on a shared journey of growth and transformation together.

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