Community Building Consulting

Whether you would like to build a community for leveraging your business, as part of your organization, as a hobby, or as a calling, each community has its own recipe for becoming prosperous – and together we’ll get there

In my consulting process I use successful, proven methods to build your work plan for developing the community that includes your mission and goals. Together we will characterize your target audience and decide where the community operates and in which channels. We’ll consider what are the measurements for the community’ success, formulate the relevant content, and more.
That way we could track, step-by-step, the ingredients that are required to achieve the community goals, and make sure that the community members are receiving value and are active. Additionally, we will implement tools so you could manage it in the most effective way – and could lead your community independently.

What do I offer you?

Consultation in building, creating strategy, and developing communities

Building community strategy and implementing it, including tools for developing the community and ongoing advice for community leaders throughout the process

Ongoing advice to communities and helping in their growth

Preserving and expanding the community leaders’ knowledge; giving tools and ideas for communicating with the community members in order to preserve them and strengthen their belonging

Building a community from zero

Learning about your organizational, social, and technological needs, building a strategy including defining goals and objectives, choosing a platform, implementation, and guidance

Community mapping report

A short process where we’ll check the community’s activity and its effectiveness. At the end you’ll get a detailed report with recommendations to improve your community

Solving specific dilemma

Consulting on how to act while tackling a dilemma, whether with content or digital tools, while understanding the community needs. Together we'll brainstorm and solve the crisis

My lectures and workshops

The unique power of community

An inspirational lecture that will take you on a journey around the world about communities and their power to create change.

Introduction to communities

In this lecture, we will understand what a community is, what are the different community types, and how to build one, with examples and case studies.

Community strategy fundamentals

A workshop where we will learn about the important ingredients in building a community, and walk over step-by-step so you will leave with an initial community canvas for creating your community, and the strategic process that will serve you as a compass during the creation.

Community content

During this workshop, we will examine how to design the content that is offered in the community and how to enrich and adjust it to the different communication channels and the target audiences. You will leave with a content strategy’s template.

Organizing online events

Through this workshop, you will get familiar with tools and platforms that will help you turn virtual events into more interesting ones, and ways to engage your participants.

All lectures are tailored for your specific needs, and are suitable for teams, company events, meetups, conferences, and more.

A few facts on me and the community field

♦ I’m the Co-founder of MENAco, a network for women entrepreneurs in tech from the Middle East and North Africa. Members include women from 13 countries in this region.

♦ I was responsible for preserving the she codes; organization’s participants, and worked with +40 branches and hundreds of volunteers.

♦ I helped build the marketing system and create new content to the entrepreneurs’ community in the European region of the international Entrepreneurs’ Organization.

♦ I was part of the production team of the first Hackathon in the world for community leaders, that took place in Tel Aviv and was broadcasted live world-wide.

♦ Here are some of the community platforms that I’m well familiar with: Facebook,WhatsApp, LinkedIn, Slack, Telegram, MeetUp, Chimu, and more. During our community strategy building, I’ll advise you regarding which platforms best fit your community.

Tzufit Herling

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