A simple tool to get better results

It’s hard for us to receive criticism but it is crucial for our development — whether it’s our initiative, business, or career.

Sometimes we are so deeply involved in our own processes that we need a quick external glimpse to help us to see the big picture.

Learn to embrace feedback. It’s a useful tool that can help you get better results. Want to know when and how it’s best to use it? Let’s dive in!

Ask the questions
It’s better to ask the hard questions early on | Photo: Qimono

Feedback as entrepreneurs

Working on your initiative? Feedback is important as early as in the ideation stage.
To better understand whether there is a market for your service or product. Or if professionals are interested to join your team. Because without customers, how will you receive income? You need feedback to better serve and forecast earnings for your market.
“But wait, I don’t want to tell anyone so they won’t steal my idea!” I’ve heard this sentence so many times.

Are you afraid that someone will copy/imitate your idea? Let’s disassemble this fear.

What are the chances that someone will dedicate countless hours to develop the product – application, workshop, or whatever else you have created? Most people don’t have the time and resources to do that, and those who do, will prefer to invest in those who are prepared to do so. Meaning YOU.

Why else is it important to receive feedback as entrepreneurs?
Further advantages in receiving feedback as entrepreneurs:

– Perhaps your idea is not as good as you think. If you don’t ask people, you won’t know!
– Ask people that you trust for their objective opinion but also ask random people. Each one of them brings their own background and unique experience. You will be surprised to hear their questions and thoughts.

If you don’t want to hear the answer – don’t ask the question.
In my opinion, it’s better to ask the hard questions early on. Objections and constructive criticism will help you find answers and solutions, and at the end of the day, will make your initiative better.

Feedback from customers

Are you an early-stage entrepreneur or working on a pilot project?
A feedback request in this stage enables you to uncover mistakes and improve required topics.

Additionally, a feedback request from customers and partners let them feel they are an integral part of your journey. They want to learn more about you.

Great feedback from customers can be useful in the future as product recommendations. Just don’t forget to ask for permission when publishing. Satisfied customers will be happy to help, and an anonymous testimonial or behind-the-scenes connection can help you as well. Even if your products weren’t the best and you need to fix a few things, the mere fact that you are ready to make the effort and work on improving your product may win the hearts of your customers.

Instead of trying to “read” them, it’s sometimes easier to ask them directly or send an anonymous survey.

Another tip: Honestly, if you are not ready to ask for feedback, you should think twice before asking a customer for a recommendation.

Feedback at work

The way I see it, good relationships at work are those that create an open environment where we can make mistakes. An undervalued opportunity, the people that work with you every day can help you greatly in achieving your goals. These are your colleagues, employers, or employees.

Take advantage of the morning chat in the kitchen, the weekly meeting, or schedule in advance one-on-one, and ask for their opinion. And here as well, too, those who are not working on the same project may prove to be surprisingly helpful in bringing a different perspective and creative ideas.

A few more tips

Collect the feedback results — they will help you collect the information, and you can even use it in other processes. With time, you will be able to see whether the results repeat, whether the topics that you took care of had better feedback and more. For example, if you conduct a satisfaction survey, tracking after the same questions will significantly help you. Moreover, take the feedback results and try to understand which improvements you can apply.

Another tip: Schedule a reminder in your calendar to track these improvements in specified times in the future.

Keep in mind

Feedback collecting is important for the idea’s future development.
You should take feedback into account wisely. Changing what you do following every feedback you receive won’t help you, no matter at which place in your work development you find yourself. However, feedback indeed will help you to receive ideas for small improvements throughout the way. If there’s a need, use the feedback for ideas for significant pivots.

And one last thing. A request for feedback doesn’t have to be long and fatiguing.
It can be a short conversation or a simple questionnaire following the purchase. Or maybe a quick inquiry during the process with the manager or the customer.
Such a simple request can make the difference.

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