The best method to focus your business process

In my work with businesses, both small and large, I see many that dedicate endless time, money, and personnel for their marketing and sales processes, without seeing the desirable results. They are not sure how to focus their business process. 

It’s not easy to understand why it occurs, especially if your business has a few marketing platforms with different audiences.

Have you been asking yourselves?:

Who are your customers?
Which products and services do you offer them?
How do you deliver the essential information about your business to them?

This is exactly why in the business world we use a method called Customer Journey.

Customer journey
In which steps your customers are going through? | Photo: Dan Dealmeida

About the method

Customer journey includes all the interaction points where our potential or existing customers meet and experience our business. If we were able to identify those interaction points and look at them as a whole, we could learn more about our customers and their interest in us.

That way, we could focus the processes inside our business for our benefit: Target potential customers, lead them to purchase our products or services, and improve the experience of existing customers. In bigger businesses and organizations, customer journey can help each one of the human factors know what to do in each interaction point.

Meet the interaction points

These interaction points, or the steps that the customer goes through, differ from business to business, and that’s why the customer journey will be different in every type of business. Examples for such interaction points are: customer service, Facebook post, a sign in a store, registration process in a website, landing page, feedback survey, and more.

There is no one customer journey

Additionally, for each business and each customer the journey looks different. Each business has its own products and services, the customers are different, and there are businesses with multiple audiences. Adding to that, the interaction points receive a different shape, and sometimes there are multiple contacts in the team that communicate in the business.

Customer journey enable you to map your customers and adjust them your business interaction points | Photo: Alvaro Reyes

Who is this method intended for?

Businesses, companies, and organizations who want to maximize their marketing potential, are interested in optimizing the purchase process of their products and services, and strive to improve the processes related to existing customers. Businesses that combine offline and online interactions (i.e., a store with a website and Facebook page), could benefit as well from applying the customer journey.
This method is suitable also for businesses that are going through upscaling and extending processes and want to make sure these processes will be maximized.

What are the customer journey results?

  • Business mapping, including characterizing the customers, services and products, interaction points, and contacts in each point.
  • Building customers’ profiles and possible scenarios for the journey that each customer is experiencing.
  • Work plan with a suggestion of detailed action items to implementation. Some are ready to apply at the end of the process, and some you will be able to use in the future.
  • For bigger businesses – detailed action items for all the human factors, so that each factor will know how to proceed and maximize the value of their process responsibilities.
  • Resources utilizing – knowing which steps you should implement in the business to improve its processes, saving valuable time and money.

Whether you work in a company, organization, or are owners of a small business that are interested in a focused process, contact me and we will set a call where we’ll check out whether this process is suitable for you.


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