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con-nec-teur (noun): a person who connects people, companies, ideas, and innovations to each other, in an entrepreneurial way.
Connecteur lectures

Connecteur's Lectures

My lectures are designed from a continual consumption of information and exchanges with top industry professionals, and suitable for meetups, company events, and more. Among the topics: Creating opportunities for businesses through the online world, fostering positive impact, what makes communities special, and women entrepreneurship.

Consulting meeting

Consulting for companies and organizations

I work closely with my clients to identify and fully understand the company’s need.
We will create customers’ profiles, adjust products, and build a work plan with detailed steps for implementation – to get the best results.

Consulting for entrepreneurs and mentoring

Consulting for entrepreneurs

Receive tools and directions for developing your initiative or project, from idea to execution, in one-on-one meetings. The tools are adjusted to your background and experience, and to your specific initiative. They are attached with practical examples and tips, so you can go straight from the meeting to begin your work.

Tzufit Herling
Photo: Udi Goren

Let’s meet

Nice to meet you, I’m Tzufit Herling, creator of Connecteur.
Connecteur is the description that links all the values and the professional expertise I have collected throughout the years and in various fields. I leverage all this knowledge for the benefit of my customers to integrate business and impact.

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Do you have a question, want to hear more about my services or reserve a lecture? Feel free to send me an email, follow me on LinkedIn or connect on Facebook. Or simply fill the form and I will contact you as soon as possible.

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